We've believe there should never be a hungry Hilltopper. We are committed to fighting food insecurity in our campus community. 

Additional resources can be found on the 学生紧急支援 页面.  


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Accessible 24/7 with SEU ID
位置 | LeMans Hall, Ground Floor 

Through the generosity of donors, the Monarchs Food Pantry is stocked with nonperishable and frozen foods, toiletries and school supplies. The Thrifty Topper has a variety of apparel from casual to business attire. The university is welcome to visit 24/7 via SEU ID. 

DONATE | Monetary donations can be made 在线 [designation 校园部 > Monarchs Food Pantry]. Items may be dropped off in 挤作一团的 or the 校园部 Office.


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位置 | CSC 社区 Room | 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

We seek to reduce food waste on campus by connecting extra food from events, meetings, catering, etc. to hungry Hilltoppers and local community organizations.


  • Donations are brought to the fridge in the CSC 社区 Room (connected to the Chapel) and labeled with an up to 3 day expiration.
  • We advertise donations on our Instagram Story.
  • Any member of the SEU 社区 can come to eat or take the food to go (for yourself or a nonprofit).
  • We will do our best to update when donations are gone.
  • All unclaimed donations will be disposed or composted.

成为一个 食物战斗机 to help pick up and disperse donations!