Travel and research is an important part of the St. 爱德华的 University 荣誉项目 and an instrumental part of reaching your potential at St. 365比分网电竞. Explore the numerous resources the 奖学金办公室 提供了.

Explore the World While You Research

The 奖学金办公室 is a great place to get advice on improving your chances of winning funding. 他们甚至把它分解成 fellowship opportunities for sophomores大三学生奖学金为老年人做提前计划. For advice on crafting your application and letters of recommendation, check out 学生的建议 或联系 蒂娜Guidubaldi,分类. 奖学金主任.

How the 奖学金办公室 Can Help You

The 奖学金办公室 advises and supports students applying for national funding. 他们和本科生一起工作, 老年人, alumni to expertly craft competitive applications for national awards, 包括 马歇尔奖学金, Gates-Cambridge奖学金, 罗兹奖学金, 杜鲁门奖学金,和 富布赖特奖学金,仅举几例.


See how Honors student, Chris Jackson, tackles the issue of climate change.

在过去的几年里, our Honors students have established an incredible record of receiving these awards.

St. 爱德华的 also offers its own fellowships to undergraduates—the Summer Academic Excellence 奖—in order to help fund research and travel and better prepare them for national fellowship competitions. Students eligible for the Summer Academic Excellence Award are required to have a 3.7日平均绩点. Honors students are strongly encouraged to apply.

In addition to these awards, St. 爱德华提供了 学生会议基金, which allocates funding for student travel expenses to academic conferences. This fund has allowed numerous Honors students to present their research across the country.

Other resources you should consider are the Science Summer Research Opportunities研究生 Fellowships and 奖学金.



“好处很多. For students who want to pursue graduate school, research and presentation experience are essential.”

While internships and study abroad trips are popular pursuits, summer research is often overlooked — yet it's an important way to gain hands-on knowledge in a student’s field. 暑期研究是如何进行的?