Volunteer at Wild Basin

At Wild Basin, we love our volunteers! Volunteers assist with land management, 跟踪维护, school guided hikes and activities, citizen science and ecological monitoring, administrative tasks, 和更多的. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please email wbasin@kingofcurrylancaster.com 或者填一下这个 Volunteering Interest Google Form.

Monthly Weekend Workdays - Every third Saturday. Use the link for details and to sign up.  

Volunteers at Wild Basin

应用 for your most rewarding internship. 

实习 are a great way to apply knowledge from the classroom to real world experience. This experience will not only give you an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, it will also prepare you for what to expect in your field, increase confidence in your work, and help build your professional network. 

Wild Basin Creative Research Center internships are open to students from any high school, college or university who have a love for the natural world and an interest in conserving and protecting the environment.

Student Internship Opportunities at Wild Basin: Summer 2024

* Most opportunities require a time commitment of ~10 hours/week

Research-Based Internship Opportunities - Accepting applications

  • Assist with projects involving the ecological monitoring of plant and animal communities in the face of global change. 电子邮件 wbasin@kingofcurrylancaster.com for more information.

通信 & Outreach Internship Opportunities - Currently filled

  • Create social media posts & fliers to promote Wild Basin Creative Research Center
  • Assist with outreach activities, education, and special events
  • Support Administrative Coordinator with a variety of office tasks

Land 管理 Internship Opportunities - Currently filled

  • A hands-on experience working outdoors to assist with the management of an urban wilderness preserve, public hiking trails and the section of Bee Creek that flows through Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.

Education Internship Opportunities - Currently filled

  • Assist with environmental education programs with the general public, SEU campus community, and underserved youth.

请电子邮件 wbasin@kingofcurrylancaster.com if you have interest in a future semester.